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Price below is for Canada only.  Upon visiting other countries, the prices will be adjusted accordingly.

Details for the sessions are linked. Please click the underlined titles. (Some are under construction.)

Energy Healing




Energy Reading/Channeling/Mediumship

$120/60mins ($2/mins for extended time)


Distant Energy Healing

One time $60

One month $180

More than 1 month, prepaid sum is 10% off


Birth & Transition Doula
$60/hr × actual length of labor/passing


Quantum-Touch® Level 1 $480/2days

Quantum-Touch® Level 2 $570/2days

Self Created Health $450/2days


Sage Lymph Care 1 $170/2.5hrs
Sage Lymph Care 2 $400/4hrs
Sage Lymph Care Teachers $3410/5days

Muscle Release Technique 1 $170/2.5hrs
Muscle Release Technique 2 $400/4hrs
Muscle Release Technique Masters


Self Care Masters $1650/3days


Mitori (Death Doula) Beginners

1 day Tai-nai Nai-kan (Self-Reflection)

$/Days: Please Inquire







Spa Services​

Basic Facial $100

Green Peel® Fresh Up (1 day)$175

Green Peel® Energy (3 days) $550*

Green Peel® Classic(5 days) $850*

*Including home care kit worth $260.


Jade Stone Therapy $80/60mins

Jade Stone Therapy $110/90mins

Healing Henna Head Spa $80/60mins

(Short hair $60/Medeum hair $70)

Energy Balancing $60/30mins


Sage Lymph Care $60/30mins





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